The Mass Destruction of a “Personal Brand”

Three years ago, I created my personal brand (Juan Israel Ortiz). And today, I’m self-destructing that particular brand and starting fresh with a new lifecast.

Coming out with a new lifecast is something I’ve been going back-and-forth a lot for about year. Although to me, it seemed a lot longer.

You see, the reason for this self-destruction is twofold.

First of all, I didn’t feel my “brand” – by this point – had any semblance of who I am as a person. It became more of a business name than anything. And, while it helped me make quite the amount of money, it was alienating my friends. So, social integration (or lack thereof) is the primary reason for me starting over.

The second reason (just as important) is that my personal brand was sending the wrong message.

My first task of business is helping clients define what makes them unique. But, while doing so, I became a carbon copy of everyone else in my field. I was posting the same lists and how-to articles as everyone else. To me, that’s not being “authentic”.

So now, I’m opening the doors to an idea I’ve struggled with this entire time. I will be writing about my personal life.

Welcome to My Personal Website!

Now, by “personal life” I don’t mean discussing what I watched on Netflix last night (Voltron: Legendary Defender). Or what I had for linner (chicken and waffles. CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!). Rather, what I’m looking to do is to share my thoughts and feelings regarding certain topics. Some that we know about, but we don’t find someone to trade ideas with often. Like our dreams, what constitutes ethics, and the plus and minuses of being proud.

What I’m saying is that today, my personal website becomes, well, personal.

If you’re interested in learning about my business and how I can help your business, then visit the Brand and Deal Communications website (currently under re-construction). But if you want access to whatever it is that’s on my mind, then come by and visit at least twice a week. Or get my thoughts sent to you by email.