About Juan Israel

Juan Israel Ortiz is an ambitious entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience across diverse industries and a high-level of training in direct response copywriting. Juan is able to penetrate and secure new customers for direct marketers through a variety of marketing campaigns.

"My mission is to help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other direct marketers increase their response rates and build long-lasting customer relationships."

Direct Response Copywriter

Juan Israel Ortiz can help you build and grow your customer base with unique, attention-getting, and engaging communications. 

As a direct response copywriter, Juan Israel spends most of his day writing attention-getting and persuasive copy for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other direct marketers. Moreover, Juan looks to help them get immediate responses to their sales offers and building long-lasting customer relationships. 

Juan Israel achieves these goals by producing copy that: 

  • grabs the attention of his client’s audience; 
  • sends that audience a clear brand message; and 
  • persuades them into taking a specific course of action. 

Juan is a Verified AWAI copywriter and possess over 15 years of experience in direct sales and marketing. He has worked in different fields like supplemental insurance, cookware, health products, and telecommunications. 

Currently, Juan Israel can write copy for advertising, direct mail, web content, online marketing, public relations, and corporate communications pieces. 

Juan also offers consulting and graphic design services for his clients. 

Backing all of his services by his 100% satisfaction guarantee, Juan Israel will work with you until you are 100% sure that the copy you receive worthily stands for your product, service, company, or cause.

Current Affiliations

A Peek Into My Personality

Juan Israel has a balance of introvert and extrovert tendencies. Which makes him part of the largest group of people when it comes to this personality trait.

Juan is a friendly, uninhibited, outward-looking person who enjoys company and knows how to make friendships with a variety of people. But at the same time, he enjoys being alone with his thoughts and prefers to keep his feelings on the inside.

Juan is a sympathetic person – which means his motivation is compassion.

Over the years, Juan Israel has developed a service-oriented attitude. He intends to be kind to those who are in need.

If you’re taking time to let him know what you’re going through, Juan will let you know that he understands and cares about your problem(s).

While Juan Israel may not be the most creative or innovative person living, there’s some creativity within him. 

Juan does tend to vary routines naturally, and does not like to repeat the same comment or joke twice in the same conversation.

When Juan gathers enough valuable information about a person or concept, he can come up with ideas to promote them in a way that syncs with their brand and reputation.

Juan Israel has little-to-no musical talents. He is not athletic. But he does know how to market himself (and others) in a way that is effective and unique

That is where Juan Israel Ortiz showcases his creativity.

Did I Mention That I Love Starbucks Coffee?

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