Before You Do Anything Regarding Your Business, Understand This About Marketing

This past Saturday I took the liberty of shaving my head. Sort of a “new beginnings” kind of thing. This was a direct result of me looking in the mirror and having the sense that my current looks portrayed as being about 20 years older than I am.

I was not the only one feeling that way; as soon as I was finished shaving my head, my sister told me “It looks like you took off ten years of you”. Then yesterday, my friends Elsa and Arnaldo let me in on how “younger and more humbled” my new hairdo made me look. Which solidified my feelings on me shaving my head from now.

This small detail might seem insignificant to you; if it is, then you don’t have a full understanding of what marketing is. And if you own a business or are building a career, then you should pay attention to the small, “insignificant” details like that one.

Everything About You is Part of Your Marketing

Everyone judges everyone. And the criteria we use to do so are quite simple: the information we got on the person in question and our own core values. The way our values correlate with the information we have on the person will decide the judgment we pass on them.

That concept is the main reason most businesses never hit their stride regardless of having a high-quality product – people pass bad judgment on them before they even know what they have to offer.

What professionals need to realize is that business relations work the same way as other relations: people will pass judgment on you based on what they perceive from you and what they believe is the equivalent of success or failure. Therefore, it is especially important for you to understand that everything about you – from the way you stand to the words you use to express your thoughts – is part of your marketing campaign.

Having your brand makes a great first impression on your target audience can take your career or business to new heights and embark you towards achieving greater success.

Use The Halo Effect to Your Advantage

Wikipedia defines the halo effect as “a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person, company, brand, or product influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that entity’s character or properties.”

It’s no secret most people find beauty and caress with trustworthiness and excellence. Therefore, I suggest that before you do anything about building any sort of marketing campaign, you should look at yourself and your business:

  • Are you looking your best for the audience you’re trying to reach?
  • Is your brick-and-mortar a place your target audience will feel comfortable coming in to buy what you offer?
  • Are you using the right vocabulary when talking to them?
  • What about your posture? Your manners? Your personality?

These are things you need to work on before even thinking about starting advertising and producing content online. Once you have managed to synchronize your business presentation with the expectations and values of your target audience, then we can talk about strategizing.

Let Me Know What You Think

Do you agree with my thoughts on how everything you do is related to marketing? Is there something you don’t agree with?

Post your thoughts below and let’s have a conversation. Or share this post with your friends and have a conversation with them about it.

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