I have mentioned before that we are who we choose to be. But long, long before I was planned to be brought into this world, Aristotle brought this point to life; and he proved it right.

Aristotle’s theory on how people become excellent at what they do is very sharp – leaving little room for people to prove it wrong. Therefore, I have attached myself to his philosophy. And I must admit, it has worked well thus far.

But what is this theory about? Let’s go quickly through it.

How the Art of Excellence is Mastered

Excellence is achieved through proper training and developing the right habits.

First off, Aristotle states that no one is born excellent at anything. This is true since coming out of your mother’s womb, you know nothing about anything.

You may have your parents’ genetics, which (when used correctly) can lead you to excellence. But without the knowledge of how to effectively put your physical traits to beneficial use, those genetics will eventually become worthless. This leads to the next point of this theory: training.

If you’re not constantly training to become excellent at what you do, you’re not going to get there.

No matter how genetically given you are. You will not meet that prominent level of success if you sit it out and do not practice your craft consistently. And – I would like to add – if you practice in a mediocre matter, you will not meet excellence. Practice excellently to become excellent. But training is not enough either.

The third part for people to become excellent at anything is the combination of the right habits you acquire throughout life.

Excellence is achieved through proper training and developing the right habits. Click To Tweet

How you carry and take care of yourself matters a lot for those making a judgment on your level of performance. Are you partying, getting drugged up, and drunk the day before a big presentation? If you are, then you must be aware of the consequences that come with your actions. You must develop the right habits for your natural talent and training to flourish. It’s the way it is.

Excellence is not something that shows up at your door one day for you to have. It’s something you build from the moment you come to this world, to the moment you leave it. Keep this in mind, and you will manage to do anything you wish. If it is within your reach.

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