Be kind. And do it often.

As a copywriter, you should help the prospect make a wise buying decision.

You should not be forcing any sort of sale to tempt your market. Instead, you should create a mental picture that teases the desires of the prospect.

Think of a car salesman describing how cool it would be to ride the latest Porsche with your date and the top down on a Saturday afternoon. That’s the type of image you want to implant in the minds of the market.

Remember – people do not want to be sold. They like the idea of buying but do not like someone shoving an offer down their throat.

And to avoid bad salesmanship in copy, let’s follow the copywriting formula you’ve learned from the people at AWAI.

Get Attention

Use that headline to make the right heads turn in your direction.

Ask a question. Make a promise. State a fact. Or draw a desirable picture.

Whatever you feel is going to make the market stop and listen to your offer – do it.

Tip: Don’t fall on the trap of bait and switch – you’ll be wasting your – and your market’s – time.

Identify Your Reader’s Problems

One of the best ways to be kind towards your customers is to not waste their time. Go straight to the important aspect of the negotiation… what is bothering the market?

Generate some heat by presenting the problem as the villain of your story – that dastardly problem!

Bring the problem up to the light and make sure the market knows that you understand their pain.

Position your Offer as a Viable Solution

Now that you’ve manage to sympathize with the market… it’s time to bring forward your offer!

Start with the benefits they would get by buying from you – making it as easy to understand as possible.

Then, bring logic to the mix, and present the market with the features of your offer. That way they will see where those marvelous benefits come from.

Prove Your Claims

Do you have any testimonials you can use to elevate the value of your offer? Use them!

Giving living proof that your offer does what you claim will set the stage for the last step of the copywriting formula…

Call for a Specific Action

Whatever you need the prospect to do – sign a check, fill out a form, shake your hand… whatever.

Make sure that the market knows exactly what to do next to get your offer.

Be Kind and Do It Often

Always remember that your job is to help the market, not yourself. Write in a way that is appealing,

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