Blogging – short word for weblogging – is an online diary that you let other people read and comment on. This is the best way for anyone to build a personal brand and expose themselves to the world.

Kyle Lacy and Erik Deckers believe blogging should be the nucleus of a social media campaign. Because it serves as the anchor for the other activities you conduct throughout your social channels.

What is the story I am telling you through my blog? My professional story – the knowledge I possess and the merits I am earning. This is how I hope potential employers can determine whether I am a good fit for their operations.

However, a bit of my personality will shine through. Because of the way I write, people will get a glimpse into my sense of humor. As well as my points of view about several aspects of life.

My Blogging Mechanics

Even though this website was launched about 5 months ago, I have been blogging since 2010. I have used different platforms and talked about a variety of topics.

For this blog incarnation, I decided to go with InMotion Hosting as the hosting platform. They have been great to me when I needed assistance for my Entrelogger project, and their prices are very affordable.

I am under the Business Plan, which allows me to create up to six sites, one hundred email accounts, and one hundred subdomains. I doubt I would be using as many for any of those, but it’s good to know I have more options than what I can handle. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, their customer service is SUPERB!

My blogging platform is WordPress. They have proven to be the premiere blogging option with their advanced and sophisticated options. I am using the version, which allows me to select from a wide variety of plugins to use on my blog. And I also get to create pages – which can help me turn my blog look and feel like a website.

As you can see, my URL is It is easy to spell, easy to remember, and easy to associate with me – as it is my name. My blog theme is “The 411” (by Studiopress) for the moment, as I am starting to form my site. Eventually, I will jump into a more professional-looking template.

The What’s, When’s and How’s

The topics I will cover in my blog will vary as I earn more knowledge. For the time being, I am talking about copywriting, personal branding, and direct marketing. Those are my favorite topics to which I feel comfortable discussing. More topics will be added as I go along.

I am scheduled to post on my blog every 11 days. Why this random selection? Because, while I know that people pick something like “daily”, “once a week”, “every other week”, and so forth, I decided eleven days works for me. It gives me time to reflect on the topic I choose and have a clear POV before I start typing.

My posts should not be longer than eight hundred words. The reason being, I don’t want to consume much of your time with my musings. A five-minute read should be entertaining and enough. And hopefully, I can add some insight to your marketing efforts.

My Blogging Commandments

Here are the five rules I have for blogging:

  1. Approach every blog post with passion.
  2. Highlight your creativity by being educational, informative, and entertaining.
  3. Find ways to make things faster/stronger/better.
  4. Look for opportunities where others see challenges.
  5. Be ready to compromise when discussing topics in the comments.

When I build a blog post, I look to nail at least four out of the five. That way, you get the best out of me for your time. And I could encourage you to express your POV on the topic at hand…?

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