Be helpful and do it often.

Chris Brogan

Once people see you can be trusted, the next thing they will wonder is: “how can they help me?”

Because let’s be honest – relationships are based on cooperation. And if your customers are willing to spend time and money on you, I’m sure they’d like something in return.

Forget about being cool or hip – unless you’re in the entertainment world, branding your business that way will not do much for you.

Being helpful – on the other hand – shows your audience you’re willing to serve, and you want their best interest at heart. Which in return, will make them take notice.

Therefore, my focus is to build a service-oriented brand in which you serve your audience.

You get content that highlights your ability instead of your sense of humor; making sure prospects and consumers know what you’re capable of.

My strategies give you a leg-up when your audience is looking for your products and/or services.

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