Earlier on I stated that content for Twitter serves better as a sharing / Public Relations tool. And with that in mind, here are twenty-seven types of content that you can share links on Twitter for your target audience to find out.

Content for Twitter

  1. How-to articles
  2. Video / audio interviews
  3. “Product / service reviews” articles
  4. “Ask the experts” videos
  5. Videos highlighting an industry experiment and its results
  6. Blog posts defining industry terms with examples
  7. Website pages that highlight other resources and affiliates
  8. Articles with Productivity tips
  9. Humorous videos and articles that are connected to your brand
  10. Articles on helpful business or industry data
  11. Problem-solving mind maps
  12. “Best practices” articles
  13. Template slideshows
  14. Product / Service offers
  15. Video / podcast / article compilations
  16. News releases on upcoming events
  17. “Beginner’s Guide” eBooks
  18. Survey results
  19. Client testimonials
  20. Case studies
  21. Research articles
  22. Inspirational articles
  23. Product Demos
  24. Blog posts expressing your opinion on a particular topic
  25. Debate videos
  26. News releases on upcoming competitions
  27. Articles with Checklist ideas

Do you have more ideas on content for Twitter? Share them in the comments section below.

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