To create a trustworthy reputation is to gain an edge over your competitors.

Juan Israel Ortiz

In today’s world, there are so many companies out there trying to get their consumer’s money with hype and smoke-and-mirrors tactics. Those companies end up closing doors not long after launching due to consumers feeling taken advantage of.

Don’t be that type of marketer.

I believe the secret to longevity in today’s business world is trust. And trust today can only be earned with transparency.

Therefore, transparency is the nucleus of my Public Relations strategies.

How to Create a Trustworthy Reputation (a-Go-Go)

You get Public Relations that tell your audience exactly:

  • what is going on
  • why it is important
  • how they benefit from it
  • and how they can get it

Your audience will have a full understanding of what is happening and how it affects them. That is how you create a sense of trust.

Creating trust is the most difficult part. But once it’s established, everything falls like dominoes.

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