In the fight of “dealing with if’s vs dealing with absolutes”… where do you stand?

Speculation makes for fun time killers. It’s cool to wander around the what-ifs of the world. And how things would’ve been if so-and-so happened.

“What if Stephen Curry had made that three-pointer?”

“What if Donald Trump had never run for President?”

“What if the 2007 recession had never happened?”

It’s cool to have fun with speculations. But it’s stupid to run your life by them. Which is a problem with many people these days.

People seem to want to deal with – and live in – speculation instead of the real world.

Me, I get bored with speculation. It would never happen, so why bother.

Dealing with If’s vs Dealing with Absolutes

I deal with absolutes. Like “Curry didn’t make the three at game 7, and the Cavs are the new NBA champions”. Or “Donald Trump is running for POTUS, and there’s a chance he might win”.  And “the ’07 recession happened, deal with it.”.

It may seem boring. It might be a bit harsh. But, by dealing with reality and forgetting about the what-ifs, I’m able to react quickly to what’s happening around me. Instead of moping on speculation, I act.

Besides, there’s a lot to speculate in the fictional world, right?

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