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Juan Israel Ortiz is a direct response copywriter you can trust to help you attract more qualified leads and boost sales.


Dear reader:

Thanks for your interest in my copywriting services! Now, you may have come to this website out of curiosity. Some folks do – especially those who have never hired a copywriter before. 

But (more likely), you are here because you need an excellent direct response copywriter. Who combines writing skills and sales ability to get your audience’s attention, send a clear brand message on your behalf, and persuade prospects into buying your products or hiring your services. 

Whatever your reason, you should get to know more about a direct response copywriter before you hire them. And if we were sitting face-to-face, chatting in your office, you’d like to ask me questions. Allow me to try to answer a few of those questions right now: 

What Are Your Qualifications as a Copywriter? 

I am a verified, professional direct response copywriter from the AWAI – meaning that I have learned the art of persuasive writing from the best copywriters in the world. 

I have written commercial copy since 1999, when I started working for WCGB Radio in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico. I’ve produced sales letters, radio commercials, and professional presentation copy for different entities – including college students, religious organizations, and insurance companies. 

At the time, I didn’t know I was doing copywriting; and I didn’t find out until my 27th birthday (2009), when “The Copywriter’s Handbook” (by Bob Bly) introduced me to the concept. 

Do You Have a Technical Background? 

Before becoming a direct response copywriter, I promoted and positioned products and services for over fifteen years for companies and organizations such as WCGB, WPUC Radio, Trans-Oceanic Life Insurance Co., and Carico International. 

I own certifications in copywriting from the AWAI and entrepreneurship from My Own Business Inc. 

I’ve earned a Digital Marketing Specialization from the University of Illinois, an International Marketing and Cross-Industry Growth Specialization from Yonsei University, a Social Marketing Specialization from Northwestern University, and a Finance for Everyone Specialization from McMasters University.

But most important to you, I’m a direct response marketing specialist. Thus, developing and writing copy isn’t something I do in my leisure. Instead, it’s my bread and butter. 

So, I put all my ability into every piece I write. And I do so to sell effectively to business and consumer buyers alike. 

Do You Have Experience in My Field? 

Look at my writing samples – do they seem “right up your alley”? If not, call me, and I’ll send you other samples closer to your area of interest. 

What Kinds of Assignments Do You Manage? 

You can hire me to write a variety of projects: 

  • Print and online advertising
  • Direct mail packages
  • Digital media
  • Social marketing campaigns
  • Public relations pieces
  • and much more

For every assignment, I use my experience of over 15 years in promoting products and services using excellent reasoning abilities. I can also work effectively under stress as a team member or on my own. And I don’t mind frequent traveling – if it’s what it takes to finish the job. 

What sets me apart from other writers is my ROI-oriented mindset toward writing. I don’t write for reasons other than generating leads and sales. My only concern is your bottom line. Combine my experience and business mindset with my interviewing skills and marketing and advertising knowledge, and you have a unique direct response copywriter at your service. 

I can’t predict how many responses an ad, mailer, or website package will pull for you. But I can (and will) guarantee your satisfaction with the copy you receive. 

Why Do You Refer to Yourself as a “Direct Response Copywriter”? 

I’m a direct response copywriter because I construct my writing under the direct response philosophy of communication. 

I aim to get my audience’s attention by introducing a topic they’re intrigued by, presenting them with a problem (something they are dealing with now or will in the future), showing them a practical solution, and persuading them to acquire the said solution. 

Your Fee Schedule Lists a Price for a “Copy Critique,” What Is That? 

A copy critique supplies an objective review of an ad, sales letter, brochure, or direct mail package. You can have me critique either an existing piece OR a draft of copy in progress. It’s up to you. 

When you order a copy critique, you get a written report that analyzes your copy in detail. I tell you what’s good about it and what works, what doesn’t, what you should change, and how to change it. 

A copy critique is ideal for clients who want a “second opinion” on a piece of copy, and it allows you to sample my services at far less cost than you’d pay me to write your copy from scratch. 

My critique covers copy, design, strategy, and offer. It also includes specific directions for revisions and rewriting. But remember that I will not rewrite copy for you under this arrangement. 

What Does It Cost to Hire You for a Project? 

Prices vary depending on the complexity and urgency of the project.

The Fee Schedule of this package has price ranges for various projects. From there, you can put on an estimate and have an idea of the cost before getting an official quote. 

How Long Will It Take You to Write My Copy? 

Ideally, I would like 15-21 business days to work on your copy. That gives me the time to polish, edit, and revise until I’m happy with every word. 

However, I realize you can’t always wait that long. If the job is a rush, show me the date by which you must receive the copy on the enclosed order form. If I take on the job, I guarantee you will have the copy on your desk by this deadline or sooner. 

No matter the deadline, the copy I send you will be suitable. You can count on it. 

What Happens If We Want You to Revise the Copy? 

Let me know what changes you want, and I’ll make them fast. There is NO CHARGE for rewriting. I include two revisions in the flat fee we agree to for the assignment. Provided you assign them within 30 days of receipt of the first draft. And you do not base them on a change in the assignment made after I send the copy. 

If you feel my copy doesn’t represent your brand accordingly, then I will revise the copy according to your specific guidelines. And entirely at my expense. 

How Do I Order from You? 

Putting me to work for you is easy. First, fill out the form I have put alongside this letter. After our initial meeting, you will get a quote and proposal for the project.

After we make a deal, I will request some information about your offer, including: 

  • Literature that will give me the background information I need to write your copy 
  • Contact information of members of your staff that work directly with the project for interviews 

I might also talk to your sales team, management, and operations group. Once I have all the necessary information, I’ll write the assignment for you. You will receive your copy on the deadline date or before then. 

And remember that I guarantee it will represent your brand accordingly. So why not try my services for your next print or online marketing campaign? I promise to delight you with the results. 

Best Regards,

Juan Israel Ortiz
Direct Response Copywriter

P.S If you have an immediate need, please fill out my online form at, or e-mail me the details at There is no charge to discuss your job and get an estimate. And no obligation to buy. But act now; otherwise, someone else might take the open spot that could’ve been yours.