Did you use your marketing resources to grow your customer base? If not, then keep on reading…

When it comes to your marketing, what exactly is your goal? Is it to look cool in the eyes of the world? Or is it to turn those who need your product or service from prospects into buyers?

Legendary copywriter Bob Bly states in his book “The Copywriter’s Handbook” that marketing is not meant to be liked, entertain, or win awards for an agency. Instead, your marketing budget should be invested in ways to increase sales for you.

However, many marketers fall into the trap of “trying new stuff” to separate themselves from the competition. That trap leads them into spending tons of money on productions that make their brand look friendly or cool (which is fine) which makes them little to no money at all (which is fine too if that’s your goal). The reason for that is people are not looking to buy from the “friendly and cool”. People are looking to buy from those who solve their problems.

Now don’t get me wrong – I appreciate entertainment in advertising. You must make your brand message interesting to keep people tuned in. But, if we were to put a percentage of the value on the information you present to your audience, I would use about 10% of my presentation to be entertaining.

Grow Your Customer Base

Focus more on educating and informing, so you can have an audience that understands what you have to offer and have a better judgment on whether they need you.

Unless you are in the entertainment industry, do not use entertainment as the driving force of your marketing.

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