If you’re looking for a copywriter, you should hire an AWAI copywriter… even if it isn’t me.

There are a gazillion copywriters to choose from these days. It seems to be the go-to path for those who can’t make it anywhere else. And while that certainly isn’t my case, I can honestly say I know a copywriter or two that had “nowhere else to go” from a professional standpoint.

Why am I telling you this? Because many business owners and direct marketers and constantly disappointed in the results they get when hiring copywriters. And that happens because most copywriters aren’t truly trained to write copy.

Like I mentioned, some of these writers took this path only because they see it as an opportunity to make quick money, but aren’t truly passionate about marketing, advertising, sales, or business.

Others – dare I say most of them – see copywriting as a launching pad for their Hollywood screenwriting careers. These are the writers that create scripts for commercials that are funny and cute but produce no sales revenue for your business. They don’t care about you; they care about building a portfolio. And are using your business to do so.

Now, how do you avoid wasting your money on a copywriter that will not bring in results? I’m about to tell you how.

The Importance of the AWAI Stamp

I can claim to be a professional copywriter because I was trained to be such.

My training comes from the AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc.). Their Advanced Copywriting program taught me all the core concepts that I bring into every project.

This 90-day long program educated me on the principles of direct marketing, the structure of effective marketing content, and how to use persuasion to get sales orders. It took me from the wannabe I was in 2009, to the professional I am today.

What does this mean to you? It means that when you hire me, you are hiring someone who wants your business to make money. Because that is how I build my portfolio.

And just like me, there are many AWAI-trained copywriters – they’re all looking to help your business increase their revenue to the point of earning profits. That’s why I recommend – if you’re looking to hire a copywriter – to use the AWAI as your main source for copywriting research.

How to Hire an AWAI Copywriter

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Here are a few steps you can take to hire your ideal copywriter:

  • Start by navigating through the AWAI Directory of Professional Writers. There you will find information on hundreds of copywriters across the country. Find the one who fits your mold and contact them.
  • Visit the copywriter’s website to make sure they’re the right fit for your project. This is where many entrepreneurs and direct marketers fail, by hiring a copywriter whose style doesn’t go with the image of their companies. Don’t let that happen to you. Study samples and see what services the writer offers before hiring them.
  • Ask around for referrals. If you happen to find a copywriter in your area, look for clients of theirs and find out what their experience was. If it sounds like someone you can work with, then go right ahead. But before that…
  • Hire something within your price range. There’s a significant difference in price between hiring me and hiring John Carlton. And that’s due to experience and proven record of accomplishment. But that doesn’t mean you get a crap copy by hiring a cheap copywriter. Again, look for information and writing samples on the writer, and judge for yourself if they’re worth the investment.

Do you agree with my statement on hiring copywriters? Let me know with a comment below. And make sure to share this along with people you feel might benefit from this article.

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