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Then allow me to help you deliver a clear brand message and specific calls to action with attention-grabbing and persuasive copywriting that will stand by your brand accordingly.

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Hi There! My Name is Juan…

… and I’m a professional copywriter verified by the American Writers and Artists Institute.

You can trust me to deliver attention-grabbing and persuasive brand messages for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

My team – who have clearly grasped the concepts of writing lead and sales-generating copy – knows how skilled copywriting can make a massive difference in the success of a marketing or advertising campaign.

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“You couldn’t meet a better dude. +Juan Israel Ortiz ‘s a digital media content specialist (that means he’ll help you rock your content across the digital landscape), and he rocks at what he does.”

Tania Dakka

Copywriter at Badass’d Digital Ink

Marketing and Advertising Aids

Hiring me allows you to run a smooth marketing operation on budget. You get to deliver persuasive offers while keeping the voice of your brand consistent throughout your marketing and advertising materials.


Direct response copy that grabs your prospects’ attention and persuades them into taking a specific course of action.


Improve your lead and sales generation outcomes with a fresh look at various marketing approaches.


Seminars and workshops presenting marketing and advertising’s best practices and worst mistakes.


Samples of My Work

Look at my writing style and see if I’m the right fit for your brand.

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Give Your Marketing and Advertising the Best Shot Possible at Bringing In (And Even Exceeding) Your Leads and Sales Forecast.

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I will make sure you deliver marketing campaigns that grab your prospect’s attention, tell them exactly who you are and how you can help them, and guide qualified prospects into taking a specific course of action.

Your marketing campaigns can run smoothly on budget and focused on achieving your sales goals.

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