When I was a toddler – I’ve been told – I was very curious. My imagination led me to do things I shouldn’t have at that age.

My parents always tell me stories of how I would just disappear to venture through “the woods.” We lived in the countryside of Juana Diaz at the time.

Or how I would stand on top of a table and mimic speeches I watched on TV. And of course, tossing stuff around. Trying to find ways to break things; only to try to find the means to put them together again.

From what I gather, I was a kid with a wild imagination. Just waiting for it to go bonkers, develop things, and whatnot. Unfortunately, things did not go that way.

Once I started to meet new people, I faced a harsh reality: if I wanted to make friends, I had to get rid of my imagination. Because my vision made me seem childish. And for the six and seven-year-old tough guys that were in my school, that was a no-no.

So, as time went on, my personality changed, and I became as dull and as vanilla as you could get. Just to try to fit in. Whether or not I was successful, I’m not sure to this day. But one thing I do know – now I regret not giving my imagination the room it needed to express itself and go wild during my childhood.

It wasn’t until I started doing professional wrestling that I realized the value of having a vivid imagination. Of having the creativity to present (via acting, painting, or other artistic forms) a picture that people will remember for. And the satisfaction that comes with people approaching you and saying, “I LOVE what you did!”. Especially if you follow the compliment with a fat check. 🙂

As time passed, I realized the value of imagination. In fact, (I dare say that) without the people who think of things that seem impossible to create, we wouldn’t live in the advanced civilization we have.

Before You Prove It…

… you must imagine it!

Take a moment to look at the device you are using to read this post. Or the vehicle you use to go to work. What you use to cook, or do laundry, and so on. The people who most thought was “insane” at one point, developed this technology.

But without that “insanity”, we wouldn’t have smartphones, tablets, cars, stoves, microwaves, washers, and dryers.

These people, who had a vision that went far beyond the average people, created these things that help our lives. And it’s because of these people’s creativity and innovative mindsets that we can develop our minds and bodies the way we do now.

And for that, I salute you.

But imagine if the world repressed these people when they presented those creative ideas.

What if no one gave them the light of day? What if they weren’t allowed to work on what (they envisioned) could be something of significant use to humanity? What if we told them “Stop imagining shit, it’s a waste of time.”?

It could be too late for you. Although it’s never too late for most things, I guess. But, if you happen to have kids, do me a favor. Allow them to go crazy with their creativity. Don’t repress them. Instead, inspire them! And encourage yourself too!

Unleash the Power of Imagination and Get Inspired!

If you don’t know how to inspire you or your kids to get creative, here are a few quick tips that will help get those juices going:

  • Find your passion. Look for things that get your interest and learn as much as you can about them.
  • Find magazines, newspaper articles, and blog posts on those topics of interest. And read as much as you can.
  • Approach everything with an open mind. Don’t believe things are set in stone. We can always make something better. And who knows, you could have the method to improving them.
  • Participate in social activity. Find out what people think about those things that interest you. See if you can learn what issues they are facing and offer your hand in presenting a solution. If you are capable of such.
  • Keep an eye on pop culture. If you are not in the entertainment industry, you don’t have to follow it carefully. But it’s always good to (at least) know a bit of what’s trending in the world. You could grab an idea from something that’s not related to your interests. And that is always a plus.

The bottom line is, we must let our imaginations do their thing. Let’s stop being dull and accept things because someone said so. Other than the law, we should be looking for ways to break the standards that have been set for us. And create new standards that improve our lives, our communities, and our industries.

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