So, you have worked on creating a personal brand. You have your biography in place. And you have set up your online media network. So, there’s only one thing left… launching your personal brand!

But how do you go about it?

The best course of action is to continue with the guidance you’ve been given so far and start developing personal brand campaigns. And what are those, exactly?

Personal branding campaigns help you make your community and industry aware of you – allowing you to earn their trust from a business perspective. This is how you present your personal brand to the world.

Remember – your story shall not be taken for granted. Because it is the vehicle in which your career will ride from here on out. But there are certain things you need to understand before launching your brand:

  • People are getting bombarded left and right with info
  • Your goal is to make yourself appealing to the marketplace
  • You need to start looking at yourself as the professional you aspire to be

Building a personal branding campaign means you are putting more stock value on yourself than ever before!

Launching Your Personal Brand

There are thousands of diverse ways that you can be launching your personal brand. But let’s start by developing the campaign.

Developing the Campaign

Take out your calendar – it will be an essential part of the development of your personal brand campaign.

Block out 30 to 60 minutes of every day – you will use these time blocks for activities related to your personal brand. It is a time management technique that will help you not be all over the place when working on your campaign.

Work around your schedule to see when it’s most convenient to do personal brand activities. And respect your personal branding time.

Implement the Campaign

Gather all the tools you have and apply them to your daily routine.

Figure out what you need to do for your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles every day to keep your personal relevant.

Take time to create a daily task sheet with daily and weekly activities for each network channel. This would make it easier for you to deal with your online network.

Automate Your Campaign

The last step is for you to have things set up to go at appropriate times. But keep in mind – there are things that should and should not be automated.

Automate your blog posts and articles. Do not automate conversational content.

I repeat – do not automate conversational content.

Get Ready for Launch

Now that you have the plan, it is time to put it to work. Gather the information and tools you need and get to work!

Best of luck!

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