Have you ever heard of the five levels of caring? No? Then let me give you some 411…

There are five levels in which people care about you:

  • love
  • hate
  • like
  • dislike
  • indifference

I’m going to explain to you what each is, and why being yourself will eventually lead you to success.

Now, ideally, you work your way from no one caring who you are to being loved by your peers and customers. But there are times people go from being adored by others, all the way down to people losing all interest in them.

Why is that? I’ll talk about it later. Now, let’s look at the five levels of caring.

The Five Levels of Caring

Top Levels: Love and Hate

The ideal one is to be loved for who you are. I don’t think I need to explain the reason this is – so I’ll jump onto the next lower level.

Unbelievably, being hated might work for you as well as being loved.

Why? Because even though it’s not a negative light, there’s a strong emotional connection between you and those who hate you.

How does work to your advantage? Simple – one act. One action that you take that those who hate to see as admirable, and that quickly makes the switch from hated to love.

So, if there’s a strong emotional connection, you have a chance to be loved.

Middle Levels: Liked and Disliked

While these are two levels to be in (better than people not caring), they do not carry the punch that love and hate do.

Whether it’s in a positive or negative way, people know that you’re there and have an idea of what you do.

But they do not feel anything passionate towards you and your work. You might even pass unnoticed – which is something you do not want to happen in the business world.

This means you must work harder for people to love you than those that are being hated. Even worse, when people dislike you, you are one lie or mischief away from falling to the bottom rung…

Bottom Level: Indifference

I don’t think I have to explain this one much: when people don’t care about you and your work, you don’t exist in the business world. And it takes superhuman efforts to climb back up to a level of care.

Be Yourself

Now, you may have noticed the headline of this post reads “Being Yourself and The Levels of Caring” and are wondering “what does the “being yourself” have to do with anything?”

It has everything to do with it.

While you’re true to others, you can work your way from being a nobody to own everyone’s love and admiration. While when you put on a façade, eventually when people find out (and they do), they will quickly lose interest in you until they no longer care.

So, next time you want to fit into a community or want to work your way through the corporate ladder, understand that you can’t keep up a farce forever.

It’s better to earn your way up the caring ladder by being yourself than risking being an afterthought being trying to take shortcuts and being a suck-up.

Let me Know…

I have been in the copywriting world for about five years now. And I started at the bottom – complete indifference from the business world. But I have managed to work my p, and can’t say I’m doing all that bad.

Currently, I feel that most people I’ve interacted with either love or hate my personal brand as a direct response copywriter. So I must be doing something right. But what about you?

In which level of caring does your business stand-in? How did you manage to reach or fall to that level? And what are you doing to gain the love and appreciation of your market? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it.

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