A mistake we can easily make without even noticing is believing that there’s nothing else for us to learn.

I made that mistake right after I got out of college – foolishly, I thought I had learned everything I needed to. And thus, I neglected any opportunity that was presented to me for learning and experiencing new things.

Some people call this “having a big ego”. I call it mental laziness.

The problem mental laziness brings is that the world (now more than ever) continues to evolve and grow. If you don’t continue your education – at least about your industry – you will be lost in the shuffle. And soon will be rendered useless.

Mental Laziness and The Learning Tree

There’s always something to learn, somehow. It doesn’t matter if it’s through social media, mainstream media, books – whatever. Just keep on learning.

Now that you’ve learned this valuable lesson… go out and learn something else!

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