When it comes to publishing your content, the worst place to be in the middle of the pack – either in your industry or your community. But before I go on my rant for why, let’s discuss the two extremes first.

Of course, you should aspire to be the best content creator within your community or industry.

For the obvious reasons: you’ll be seen as a top influencer and will have instant credibility when you present an offer to your audience. However, if you can’t be among the best, being amongst the worst is not as bad as you may think.

Presenting horrendous content can, at least, keep your brand recognition alive, which is not a terrible thing in the grand scheme of things.

And even though you should not aspire to publish horrible content, if that’s what you got, then go ahead. Chances are someone is going to found you entertaining (even if it is for the wrong reasons).

That will your brand name in the minds of your industry or community. Which is more to say than those that are in the middle of the pack.

Avoid Being Placed in the Middle of the Pack

Being part of the cluttered middle means you have reached the greatest level of mediocrity. Your content is not bad enough to be considered terrible. But it’s also not good enough to be taken as an influential piece. Your content is looked at, given a “meh”, and cast away for the next piece.

Beware of the deadly middle. It does your industry no good. It does your community no good. And, more important, it does your business no good.

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