numbers-don't lie

According to the Direct Marketing Association (by 2013), companies are spending around $196 billion annually on direct marketing. Also, their Statistical Fact Book says that 65% of all consumers have made a buy-in response to direct mail or email offer.

Now, why is this? It’s because direct response marketing is the most effective form of sales content.

Yes, social media and branding are great forms of putting your business out there for people to notice. But direct response marketing goes beyond that. It’s about emotion and demonstration – you show your prospect how their lives will improve by buying the product/service you are presenting. While using a basic emotion as a hook to keep the prospect interested.

The direct response mentality can be applied to any form of marketing media (mail, TV, digital). You control how, when, where, and what offers you make to your audience.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Keep in mind: trending and going viral means jack if you don’t make a dime out of it. You’re in business to be profitable, not to be popular. If it’s the other way around, it’s not a business; it’s an expensive hobby.

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