Overrated Business Words

In my mind, there are no two more overrated business words than innovation and creativity. Have you noticed how those words get thrown around these days?

“Well, we’re trying our best to bring new, innovative ways to please our customers?”

“We’re giving our staff room for creativity to do whatever they want to do.”

Yet, most of the time, all those efforts people put into trying to be innovative and creative in their business strategies end up producing… nothing.

I don’t think innovation and creativity should be the focus of most businesses. Because most people do not know how to be innovative or creative.

If they only knew it only takes adding a slice of (their own) personality into their work, then they wouldn’t worry so much about trying to be innovative or creative.


And most of the time (for the record) all these attempts of being groundbreaking and original end up being a bust. Because then you must re-educate people into doing things “your way”. And most people aren’t that subjective to change. But that’s a topic for later.

I, as an entrepreneur, focus most of my attention on how obsessive I am about my business. And you see, obsession gets a bad rap – constantly being related to that stalker who kidnaps the hot girl on soap operas. But the most obsessed people are the most successful.

Going back to idealists like Martin Luther King, to today’s athletes like LeBron James and Ronda Rousey. These guys live, breathe, eat, and sleep what they do. And they don’t settle with being second best. They are obsessed with being the best. And as a result, deliver a product to their customer that leaves them satisfied, because they have been witness to something special.

Stop Using These Overrated Business Words

So, if I could give you a piece of advice today, it would be to stop trying to be innovative or creative. And evaluate how obsessed you are about your profession. If you want nothing less than to be number one, innovation and creativity will eventually show up. Meanwhile, your obsession will create an audience that will care enough about you to want to see you innovate and be creative about your business.

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