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How A Direct Response Copywriter Can Help You Boost Response Rates and Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

Thank you for your interest in my direct response copywriting services!

Now, you might be visiting this website out of interest. Some folks do. Especially those who have never hired an independent copywriter before.

But most likely, you are here because you need a good direct response copywriter. Someone who combines writing skills and sales ability to:

  • Grab your audience’s attention,
  • Send a clear brand message on your behalf,
  • And drive your prospects into ACTION – to make an order, request more data, or donate to charity.

Am I right? Then allow me to help you.

My name is Juan Israel Ortiz. And I am a verified copywriter from the AWAI. Meaning that I have learned the art of influential writing from the best copywriters in the world.

I have written commercial copy since 1999. I’ve produced sales letter, radio commercial, and professional presentation copy for different entities. Including college students, religious groups, and insurance companies.

Why I Call Myself A Direct Response Copywriter

I construct my writing under the direct response philosophy of communication.

That means looking to get my audience’s attention by presenting a topic they’re intrigued by. Then present them with a familiar problem and showing them a practical solution. And finally, encouraging them into buying the said solution.

You can hire to write a variety of projects:

  • Advertising – print ad material, as well as audiovisual commercials to sell anything.
  • Direct Mail – snail-mail packages to sell directly to your prospects.
  • Digital Marketing – drive leads and communicate with customers online.
  • Website Copywriting – SEO and sales conversion copy for web pages, landing pages, and microsites.
  • Business-to-Business – lead-generation and order copy for the B2B field.

I can’t predict how many responses an ad, mailer, or website package will pull for you. But I can (and will) guarantee your satisfaction with the copy you receive.

How Do I Order from You?

Putting me to work for you is easy.

First, fill out the order form I have put in my contact page. Once you do, we will take you to my appointments site. There, you can set up an introductory phone call (FREE of charge). During that phone call, we can go more in detail about the project.

After we agree to a price and conditions for the assignment, I will request some information about your offer. Including literature that will give me the background information I need to write your copy.

I will also request the contact information of members of your staff that work directly with the project for interviews. I might talk to your sales team, management, and operations group.

Once I have all the information I need, I’ll write the assignment for you. You will receive your copy on the deadline date or before then.

And remember that I guarantee it will please you.

So … why not try my services for your next print or online marketing campaign? I promise to delight you with the results.

Best Regards,
Juan Israel Ortiz
Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

P.S If you have an immediate need, please fill out the form on my contact page now. There is no charge to discuss your job and getting an estimate. And no obligation to buy. But act now… otherwise, someone else might take the open spot that could’ve been yours.