It’s okay to promote yourself to the right people… as long as it’s not braggadocious.

Here’s the trick of self-promotion: the more you enjoy launching and promoting your brand, the better your launch would be.

In today’s world, there are a gazillion ways to present your brand to potential employers/customers. But choosing which ones are best for you can be a tedious activity.

My advice: do your research to see what your market likes to consume and start with those you feel comfortable producing.

I have ten ideas for you to try out. See which ones you feel like you can have fun making and executing!

Thank You Notes

This is one of the simplest, most traditional ways to promote yourself. And one of the most effective!

These days, it is hard to find someone who would make the effort to draft in-paper a simple thank you. And those who do stand out BIG TIME.

The power of being polite and personal with a “thank you” note can go a long way in enhancing your personal brand.


Video is an extremely powerful tool to promote yourself.

Video gives your brand a face and a voice. It lets people know how you look and sound like – which helps you connect with your community and industry on a higher level.

If you use video – doing one at least once a week should do the trick. Sit in front of a nice scene and talk about a topic your community would find interesting.

Give your thoughts and encourage the conversation to have your community engaged with your content.

Write for Smaller Publications

If you have a nag for writing and can do it well, look for smaller publications to publish your work on.

Small publications are easier to get into because of their need for constant content.

Just look for local publications and contact them to see if they would be interested in the topic(s) you specialize in.

Email Marketing

Apps like MailChimp and Constant Contact are awesome tools for email marketing.

Use them to build relationships with people on your CRM database.

And – regardless of what you may think – email is not a passé form of communication. People still read their emails daily.

Just remember to not spam.


People love free… what can I say?

Giving away a report, a gift card, or even a date – for those of you who are single – can help you gain traction for your personal brand.

This is a tricky one – give away something that is worthless, and you could be harming yourself more than doing good.

Give something valuable to get something valuable in return. Free tips on a newsletter or a consulting session are good giveaway options.

Guest Blogging

Share your knowledge on other people’s blogs!

Contact influencers within your industry and ask if they need “foreign content” if you will. This could open the door for you to deliver your brand message to a (much) wider group of people who might need your services later.

Look to write three blog posts a month. That could give your brand more exposure.

Business Cards

Much like “thank you” notes, business cards are a way to stand out in this digitally driven world. But don’t about it with a “cheapskate” mindset.

Look for a graphic designer and create a memorable business card with your logo. Then go to a site like (non-sponsored) Vistaprint and print high-quality cards at a reasonable price.

Your Email Signature

To enhance your email marketing efforts, be sure to have a signature that can let people know how they can contact you.

Include your full name, title, and social media links.


Networking can help you spread the word locally for your personal brand.

Join industry groups and local organizations – like your Chamber of Commerce and development alliances. You can also volunteer for charity events or coach little league teams.

Whatever you do, be genuine about your intentions. If you are doing it just to promote yourself, you would be damaging your brand. Just be real.


It’s the simplest of the simplest. Smile when you meet, look, and address people. You never know whose day you will brighten with your smile.

Promote Yourself

Regardless of how you choose to promote yourself – always keep a positive attitude when dealing with others. And have fun with what you do because it will show.

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