My Qualifications as a Copywriter

Since the summer of 2009, I have tested different marketing strategies using a direct response approach, which means putting sales-oriented content ahead of cool branding.

I used my creation (Entrelogger) to develop ideas to attract a market (entrepreneurs) and offer solutions to their marketing problems. After five years of testing, I decided to go full board as a copywriter in July of 2015.

Since then, I have put my time-management, communication, research, sales, public relations, and service skills into the tasks by taking on assignments from different companies in the direct response and online direct sales worlds.

Before the summer of 2009, I accumulated a decade of experience working for several direct sales companies. I also wrote content for different non-profit organizations in the Juana Diaz area and marketed myself as a sports entertainment performer.

I have experience and education when it comes to producing media content as well. I worked for two years at WGCB Radio in Juana Diaz as an assistant, producer, and host. I also studied for four years at PUCPR for a BBA in Production for Radio and TV.

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