It seems there’s a big debate these days on how much content should a brand publish. Not only that but the quality content that is being produced is a subject of discussion as well.

Retail marketers suggest that ALL brands need to show more of a “humorous side” – be more entertaining than informative.

Here’s my humble opinion on the subject.

No doubt, the American public is consuming more content than ever before. Thanks to the advances in modern tech, people have never had access to a world of knowledge and information as they do now.

But what does that mean for brands?

Quality vs Quantity… in Terms of Branding

“Quality over quantity” means that brands should not sleep on their laurels and produce as much quality content as they can for their audience. But what is quality content?

Quality content is material your customers can take home and get some proper use out of. By that I mean, unless you’re in the entertainment industry, focus more on informing your audience on what’s going on within your business and industry. And teach them the better ways they can put your products and services to effective use.

Entertainment has value. But it’s not as valuable as inspiration or education for your audience.

Being a fun brand is good. Being a serving brand is better.

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