Success… Defined as the accomplishment of an aim or focus.

To be successful is the one thing we all aspire to when we set our sights on anything.

How to be successful? What’s the secret to success?” Those are the questions most people ask. Because most people don’t know the answer.

And to be honest, there are a lot of answers to that question. Because there are many ways for you to meet a goal.

In this post, I’m going to reveal to you what has worked for me in achieving everything I have set myself to do. From reaching my ideal weight to landing the career job I want.

Now, since I promised myself, I wasn’t going to draft long articles for the near future, I’m going to give you a quick guideline on how to become successful.

I must warn you – this is a lengthy process. It will involve a severe change in personality, and (perhaps) leaving your momma’s basement to do stuff other than work.

To wrap it all in a couple of words, the secret of success (for me) is:

Effective Networking is the Secret to Success

Meeting people in various aspects of life opens the door for you to become more knowledgeable. It will take you into learning the insights of things you want to learn how to do (landing the perfect job, dating that awesome blonde you keep seeing at the break room, etc.)

Networking is the perfect strategy for you to become successful at anything. But how do you network effectively?

Networking is not a one-way street. For you to be able to network effectively, you need to get familiar with the concept of “quid pro quo” (something for something).

When you bring value (being helpful) to a relationship – instead of hovering over people trying to get what you want -, the other side of the said relationship will be willing to help you when you need it. This is where the “it takes some time to be successful” part comes in.

To be helpful, you need to know what you can help with. Take a moment to listen to the other side. Find out any upcoming projects or situations they might need help with. And, if you have legitimate expertise on the topic, give it to them. It’s that simple.

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But it requires patience, research, and proper communication to do it right.

Here are three quick tips that will help you network efficiently:

  1. Be inspirational: You have a story. And within that story, there must be (at least) one example of you overcoming the odds to become a better you. Share that with people! If it hasn’t happened or you feel you need to learn more about life… then get on with it.
  2. Be educational: The most valuable tip I can offer today. Teach people how to do things quicker or more effectively (kind of what I’m doing here). Just remember not to do it with a jerkish attitude. You will be rewarded when you need it.
  3. Be entertaining: A good laugh can take you a long way. Make sure your comedic timing is on point before you attempt to make your superiors laugh, though. A failing attempt at being funny can cost you dearly.

And this is my secret to success (concisely). Do you agree with the networking strategy? Disagree?

Let me know with a comment. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends.


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