More than Copywriting Services

One of my greatest strengths is to promote products and services. I take pride in being able to captivate prospects, as well as succinctly and clearly explain how an offer works to a prospect.  

And I love helping the sales force with awesome detailers and the key pointers salespeople need when they go into their meetings.  

It’s All About Your Customers

My Business Philosophy

I focus on establishing brands with a service-oriented attitude. When speaking to the prospect, I look to stick to the topic of “what they want or need.” And when promoting an offer, I emphasize what your offer is, why it matters, and how it fulfills the wants or needs of the market.


Building Effective Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Your marketing and advertising efforts should have one goal – to generate revenue. Anything other than that is a waste of resources. Therefore, my mission is to help you attract as many people qualified to purchase your offer. And then persuade them into buying your offer.

Whether it’s through TV ads, email, press releases, or social media campaigns – you’ll get to present marketing and advertising looking to connect with those who want or need your products, services, and ideas.

How Can I Help You?

Whether you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, climb up in the search engine rankings, or expand your audience to a global scale… my services will help you get one step closer to achieving your business goals.


Present a clear and concise brand message that’s attention-grabbing and persuasive.


Get a fresh perspective to improve your marketing efforts in an advice session.


Learn marketing’s best practices and worst mistakes in a seminar or workshop.

About My Copy

What People Have Said

“Good work on your letter, Juan! You’re getting the structure of a sales letter down. Your writing style is pleasant to read and conversational. You’re incorporating some benefits into your letter, which helps make it more compelling to the reader.”

Li Vazquez-None

Copywriter at Kismet Copywriting

How You Can Hire My Copywriting Services

There are three ways you can hire me as a copywriter:

Per Project

The most common hiring method. Here I will invoice 50% of the copywriting fee before the project starts, and the remaining 50% at the deadline.

Monthly Retainer

For ongoing copywriting – like blog posts, articles, and newsletters – these arrangements are for 6-month and 12-month agreements.

Angel Investment

For companies generating less than $10 million in revenue and have up to 50 employees – an angel investment agreement can be beneficial.

And Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

I write copy that helps brands attract leads and sell offers. And while I cannot (and will not) guarantee specific sales or lead generation results, I will guarantee that you’ll be completely pleased with the copy you receive.

If my copy doesn’t represent your brand accordingly, I will rewrite it (FREE of charge) using your specifications.  

Let’s Work Together

Give your marketing and advertising the best shot possible at bringing in (and even exceeding) your leads and sales forecast. 

Through Mail

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