Use the right sharing triggers to appeal to your audience’s core desires.

We’ve discussed this before – people buy with emotion and rationalize their purchase with logic. So, when it comes to sales, selling to the heart first might be the best course of action.

And exactly how do you sell to the heart? By appealing to your market’s feelings and desires.

Use Sharing Triggers

Have you ever heard of the seven deadly sins? We can also refer to them as the seven selling triggers:

  • Fear – we all have something that keeps up awake at night. Find out how your offer can take away one of your market’s fears, and you’d create a big opportunity for sales.
  • Greed – people want more of what they like. If your product can make people healthier, wealthier, etc., that can become a great selling point when addressing your market.
  • Vanity – attack and feed that ego with offers that make your market feel better about themselves. If you can make them feel “holier than thou”, go for it!
  • Lust – AXE body spray is a vivid example of using lust for sales. They entice their demographic (young males) at every corner, having sex as a central theme for their marketing campaigns.
  • Pride – take vanity to a new level and make your offer something people would feel a great deal of pride showing off.
  • Laziness – we are looking for ways to do things easier or faster. If your offer can deliver this benefit in an effective way, then double down on it. That will get people’s attention right away.
  • Envy – in business, envy runs rampant. People want to achieve what those who are top have done. Information offers can feed off this feeling to generate sales.

Do you know what’s your market’s biggest desire? Can your offer satisfy that need in a way that could make them come back for more?

Always go for the feeling. Like the Green Goblin mask said in the first Spiderman movie:

“The heart, Osbourne. First, we strike the heart!”

Insert your evil laugh here, and then go… start selling!

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