When it comes to content marketing and advertising, the word “Strategy” is said a lot in the business world. Yet, it is a concept that seldom is used effectively. Especially by small businesses and professionals.

The blueprint you draft for the way you are going to present your business to your target audience can’t just be based on “what everyone else is doing”, “it’s a cool idea”, or my favorite” it’s never been tried before”.

There are many aspects you need to consider while drafting (and executing) your marketing plan.

5 Marketing Strategy Planning Questions

What goals do you want to meet with your content? 

Which platforms are better to reach your audience? 

What content formats are they consuming? 

What type of information do they want to know? 

What metrics will you use to watch your results?

These and some other questions need to be answered while the content strategy is drafted. And also are to be kept in mind while the strategy is being executed.

Because data and experience are what separates the run-of-the-mill marketing plan from a successful one.

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