What makes a strong-minded marketer?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said a long time ago that what separates strong men from the shallow is that the strong believe in cause and effect while the shallow believes in pure luck and circumstances.

If we apply this philosophy to the marketing world, we can easily deduct that the shallow marketers take the path of creative, fun, and cute marketing. Marketing that is not traceable, and to which you can attribute whatever success it gets (or lack thereof) to the right circumstances being present, or sheer (good or bad) luck.

Strong-minded marketers, however, will take the direct response route – a more scientific approach to marketing and advertising, where consequences to every decision made can be tracked and measured.

Are You a Strong-Minded Marketer?

You know what works – which you might continue to do. And you know what doesn’t work – which you can toss to the side.

Now, look at the approach you’re taking to marketing your business – are you throwing stuff at the wall, hoping for something to stick in? Or are you paying attention to what strategies are working, and taking measures against those that aren’t?

A change in your mindset could be the difference between the success or failure of your business. Think about it.

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