When you talk to everyone, you speak to no one. Make sure to talk to the right audience to get the best results.

Juan Israel Ortiz

Imagine yourself trying to sell a $200,000 car to people who make $12,000 a year. Kind of a stupid idea, right?

Yet, many businesses do the same thing by not taking the time to talk to the people willing to pay for their business goods.

Think of all the time and money you save when you talk ONLY to those willing to pay for what you offer.

With my research and salesmanship skills, I can create strategies that target only your true prospects and entice them into taking a desirable course of action.

For example, I work with direct response marketers. My message is delivered only to them.

Everyone else has their way of doing things – and that’s fine. I’m not planning to change their way of thinking. I’ll work with those who understand and appreciate direct response marketing. That is my target audience.

That makes the sales closing process that much easier.

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