For you to have the privilege of seating at the adult table, you must have three things: money, power, and a three-piece suit.

For those not aware, The Adult Table is that special place I reserve for people that I know who have achieved what I want to achieve.

Those who have lived beyond their expectations and have accomplished major goals – there’s a seat reserved for them. The people at the adult table have the money and the influence. And they can afford a three-piece suit.

I tend to ask myself a question when an acquaintance talks about an accomplishment:

Does That Get Them a Seat at the Adult Table?

Now, you might think I’m being harsh. But the truth is, I’m trying to keep myself surrounded by people who are focused on the bigger picture.

See, while you bask in the glory of a small accomplishment, the rest of the world is taking that same time to figure out ways to gain a leg up on you.  And usually, due to your lack of focus, they do.

The people at the adult table have money, influence, and a three-piece suit. Click To Tweet

That simple lapse in focus is what separates successful people from those lingering in mediocrity. And, since you’re trying to make it in the business world, I believe lingering in mediocrity is not on your list of aspirations.

Always keep in mind that goal. You can always enjoy a moment of glory, but do not stop until you get where you want to get. And then, when you get there, do what you need t do to stay there.

That’s how you get a seat at the adult table.

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