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The Nuclear Bombing of a Blog

Last updated on May 5, 2023

Today marks a monumental day (personally), as I am closing my once-personal blog – which has since evolved into a successful business -a venture I initiated a decade ago. After months of reflection and contemplation, I ultimately chose to embark on a new journey and experiment with a fresh LifeStream.

It seems more like years. But saying it’s a nuclear bombing might be a bit harsh.

After careful consideration, I must correct my previous statement. I will be (smoothly) relocating my written works to a new destination for those who wish to peruse them.

And although I have been hesitant to share personal details on my website, I have decided it’s time to make it more personal.

Keep an eye out for updates on my career and my company, Brand and Deal. If you’re interested in my thoughts and reflections, visit this page frequently or subscribe to receive them directly in your inbox.

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