Back when I was a kid, there was this professional wrestler named Ray Gonzalez, who used to say every day on TV “what matters is not to get somewhere, but to survive and remain there.”

That phrase has remained in the back of my head up to this day. And it is how I define longevity: to remain somewhere and survive to be there.

I like to set a goal sometimes and just make it happen. I don’t care about what happens afterward. What matters is that I did what I set myself out to do. And I am sure some of you think the same way.

But let me ask you… after we achieve what we wanted, then what?

We let ourselves be knocked down from the top and start again?

I’m starting to think that is not the right way to do things.

It’s just not consistent. And becomes quite a headache to do something over because I wasn’t careful enough to maintain my position.

That’s why I have decided to change my mentality – and it is no longer about just “getting there.”

Thinking Like a Pro

We achieve true success eventually.

Short-time achievements are not really that important in the grand scheme of things.

You can achieve a million short-term goals. If you don’t have anything to show for in the end, they are meaningless.

When you work hard to land a position you desire – wouldn’t it be great to keep that position for as long as you can?

Do whatever you need to do – if it is within legal and ethical range- to survive and remain where you get.

Don’t step on others and be as helpful as you can be. That could be my best advice to maintain the desired position

Don’t just settle for getting there. Start thinking like a pro! And go out and win every day!

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