Recently I have found myself dealing with what the Internet knows as trolls. Unfortunately for me, I fell into their trap at first, but then I identified what was going on and took affirmative action.

Now, I’m sure if you’ve been on the Internet long enough, that you met one of these beings who just seem to be hellbent on making people miserable.

How did you deal with them?

Dealing with Trolls

If you took the time to beaker back and forth with them, you may have realized you were just wasting your time.

If you haven’t yet, then let me tell you: you’re wasting your time.

While criticism should always be welcomed, there’s criticism that simply does nothing for your business. Those come from the trolls.

Trolls are not part of your target audience – they’re just people who don’t like what you do and happen to have a keyboard in front of them. Chances are, they wouldn’t have the guts, or the social skills required to say whatever they’re saying to your face.

So, what do you need to do about it? Absolutely nothing.

From experience, I can say, trolls disappear after they realize they can’t rattle your cage. Just like everyone else – when they can’t carry out their mission, they abort it. So that’s my advice: pay no attention to trolls.

Criticism is good if it comes from the right sources: your colleagues, mentors, and target audience. Everyone else who is trying to rain on your parade… they’re trolling.

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