Why entrepreneurs should blog? Because it’s a way to keep up with their industry while offering helpful information to their market.

Juan Israel Ortiz

In a conversation I had with a fellow marketer earlier today, I said that building an entrepreneurial brand is one of the best marketing campaigns a business can develop. And who can argue?

I mean, you take an entrepreneur, you make their name synonymous with their business. And BINGO! You have people buying – not from an institution, but – from a fellow human being.

But then I said something that drove my friend back and gave me the twisted-headed look. I said that for the strategy to be successful, the entrepreneur must either write a blog or post a video by himself. No ghostwriter allowed.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Blog

Now, why would I say “the reason why entrepreneurs should blog…” when I serve businesses as a ghostwriter?

Well, let’s start with the basics: I do NOT write blog posts or vlog scripts for my clients. I do present the idea and teach them how to do it. But I do not write the content for them.

Why? Because I believe that for this strategy to be successful, it must be authentic. It must come from the heart of the entrepreneur.

And honestly, a lot of entrepreneurs have issues with communication. If you have watched Shark Tank at one point or another, you know exactly what I mean.

And I believe blogging can help entrepreneurs break through those communication barriers.

You see, the time will come when the entrepreneur must discuss with an audience. And if the audience realizes the entrepreneur doesn’t know how to relay their message – yet he articulates it so well on their blog – they’ll know the message is not coming from the entrepreneur. And the trust problems will begin.

That is why – as part of the business branding effort – I urge the entrepreneur to blog at least twice a week.

They don’t have to write every day; twice a week is enough to keep your audience interested.

And don’t worry about them drafting a thousand-word essay – about 450 words will do the trick.

Do not confuse blogging with article writing. Blogging can be looser. You can show off your personality (in fact, it’s encouraged for them to be themselves).

Blogging offers entrepreneurs a platform to learn how to communicate. That way, when they address crowds at speaking events or the mainstream media, they will know how to express the passion and knowledge they have for what they do.

Do you agree with me or not? Let me know with a comment below. Oh, and if you find this piece useful, share it on social media. Your friends and family will thank you in some way.

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