Every day, millions upon millions of pieces of content from businesses around the world are published in print and through digital media. And about three-fourths of that published content goes unread. Ever wondered why?

I’ll tell you – because nobody cares about that content. Now, the reasons you’re thinking of are so many, it’s hard to keep score on all of them:

  • that content is targeted to the wrong audience
  • it’s too self-centered for people to care
  • it got lost in the shuffle of so many articles that cover the same topic

Whatever you’re thinking is the reason no one cares about your content, I’m here to tell you, it’s wrong. The real reason people don’t care for your content is that they can’t connect with it. They don’t find it interesting, inspirational, or informative at all.

How can you solve that problem? Simple: make your content to be empathetic towards your target audience. And to do that, all you must do is put yourself in your audience’s shoes and answer one simple question:

“Why Should I Care?”

Once you figure out what your readers/viewers/listeners want or need to know/have, you just give. And I promise they will start paying attention to what you publish.

Remember: it’s not about you. It’s about them.

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