Great environments always win.

I read that today while checking out an article on how you’re the result of the five people you spend time together the most.

This prompted the question: are you surrounded by the right people?

If this study is to be held true (which I think it should be), then you just must look at those you spend the most time with…

What is their character? What do they do when you are around them? What is their approach towards problems and life in general?

Then look at yourself…

Do you carry yourself the same way they do? How do you conduct yourself when you’re not around your friends? How do you react to adversity?

You Are Your People

If what you find when answering these questions doesn’t satisfy you, or makes you think you’re not going to be able to meet your goals in your current state of affairs… then it’s high time you start meeting some new people to hang with.

Don’t worry – your old friends will understand when they notice the success you have achieved after the decisions you made. If they truly are your friends.

If they weren’t… then good riddance.

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