“Should I Hire Juan Israel Ortiz as a Direct Response Copywriter for My Business?” Perhaps Not – and Here’s Why

As much as I want to come out of the bat and say, “You should hire me, and here’s why”, the reality is that – just like every other service professional – I’m not a perfect fit for every direct marketer.

So, let’s discuss this for a bit…

Dear reader:

My name is Juan Israel Ortiz, and I am delighted that you chose to stop by and learn more about how I (as a direct response copywriter) can help your business…

  • build a trustworthy reputation
  • develop a service-oriented brand
  • generate leads and
  • convert sales

with my copy and content writing abilities.

However, before you reach out to me with your next project, there are some things we need to discuss to carry on a healthy business relationship.

In my experience of over 15 years working as a sales and marketing specialist, I learned that you (as a client) would be unhappy with any service professional you hire if certain conditions exist—and if certain other conditions don’t.

Therefore, here are some guidelines to determine whether my services are a good “fit” for your business needs.

I suggest you read this page carefully before signing my agreement and sending a retainer. If – for whatever reason – the information below discourages you to hire my writing services, then don’t. We would not be happy with each other if that were the case.

I Work with Direct Marketers

  1. I do my best work for clients who have a direct marketing “mindset.” These marketers need writing that generates a measurable, tangible response. So, they would hire me to create copy that produces a positive ROI or beats an existing control.
  2. You’ll be happy with me if you’re looking to use highly persuasive writing and aren’t afraid to use long copy if the situation warrants it.
  3. Clients who are interested primarily in goals other than building their customer base (creativity, innovative marketing, and other intangibles) are better hiring someone else.

Our Working Relationship

  1. If you are an expert in direct response, we should work in a collaborative partnership; , you may know more than I do.
  2. On the other hand, if you admit you know little or nothing about direct response, you need to let me drive and stay out of my way. If you don’t agree, don’t hire me.
  3. Some clients those in the major corporate settings, expect their creative vendors and consultants to be available in obedient readiness; able to take a conference call or rewrite on a moment’s notice. I am not.
  4. My clients give me the proper time for me to produce excellent copy. They don’t worry about “getting it fast”; they worry about “getting it good.”
  5. Once you give me your assignment, there’s no constant calling me to ask, “How’s it going?” Trust that if I need something from you, I’ll ask.
  6. When I get a writing project, I go away and work hard on it. If you want me to do this for you, then you will not interrupt me with frequent phone calls and e-mails.
  7. I do not offer “project management” in the sense of coordinating all aspects of a promotion (copy, design, list, production, mailing). I write the copy. And that’s it. But I can recommend project managers to you if you require that kind of “agency” service.

About Specific Results

  1. You need to understand that what I am selling you for the fee you paid me is writing. And writing only. Nothing else.
  2. I don’t control lists, offer, price, product, current events, demand, customer preferences, or any other factors that can affect your marketing. Therefore, I cannot (and will not) guarantee precise results.
  3. I can, however, continue to work for you, if you wish to contract with me to do so, on developing different marketing elements, sales copy, and offers to produce a winning promotion for your product.

Are You Still with Me?


That must mean that you are considering me to handle the writing for your next marketing project. Am I wrong? Of course not! Then let’s get the wheel rolling by having you contact me right away!

Below is a button that will lead you to my Contact page. Once you are there, quickly fill out the form I have set up for you and hit the Submit button.

Expect a reply from me within the next 24 hours. From there, we’ll start working on getting your marketing project running as soon as possible.

I’m so excited about the opportunity to write for your business. I hope to hear from you soon!


Best regards,

Juan Israel Ortiz
Professional Direct Response Copywriter

PS: Just like you, there are many companies out there looking to improve sales and marketing presentations. And they might count on me to deliver. So, if you are serious about turning your business into an industry and community leader, then hit that Contact button now. Otherwise, you might fall way in the back of the line, and one of your competitors might get ahead.