How to Boost Your Response Rates and Build Long-Lasting Relationships with Your Customers

You can use direct response copywriting to build brand awareness, industry influence, and consumer loyalty…

Gain a competitive edge by presenting campaigns that talk directly to your market…

Reduce the cost of your campaigns and improve your profitability…

And build a portfolio that advances your career and earns you a reputation within your industry!

Fellow Direct Marketer:

You understand the value of direct response copywriting to the growth of your business. And you know how expert copywriting can make a massive difference in the success of your marketing campaigns. Yet you can’t produce the copy that gives your company that competitive edge you need to grow your business.

Why would that be?

Perhaps you’re a DIY marketer who hasn’t yet grasped the concepts of sales-generating copy. And because of that, you haven’t been able to grab the attention of your market, speak to them fluently, and drive them into acting right away.

Or you are a marketing director who’s overwhelmed by the amount of copy your company must produce to advertise their offers. So, you’re at a point where your team can’t keep up with all the projects. Much less generate persuasive writing for each campaign while meeting your deadlines.

Bad copywriting leads to bad business

Either way, you need someone to develop the sales copy for your marketing campaigns. Someone who will help you gain that big edge over your competitors. Someone who can help you make your business more successful…

And that someone is me.

My Name is Juan Israel Ortiz…

As a direct response copywriter, my mission is to help direct marketers (like you) increase their sales by boosting response rates and building long-lasting relationships with their customers. My focus is to build brand awareness, industry influence, and customer loyalty for your business.

I’m a professional direct response copywriter trained and verified by the AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc). I’ve been fortunate to learn to Copywrite from some of the best copywriters in the world.

I bring to the table over 15 years of sales and marketing experience. I have specialization degrees in Digital Marketing, International Marketing, and Social Marketing. And with my knowledge on how to get the right attention, communicate clearly, and being persuasive… you’ll have quite the copywriter on your hands!

Direct Response Copywriting with Purpose

You can hire me as your direct response copywriter to…

  1. Promote any product or service you have – from shampoo to advanced SaaS
  2. Communicate directly to your market by email, advertisements, or online
  3. Drive new traffic to your website while keeping current customers and get repeat sales
  4. Enhance your website experience and increase online sales conversions
  5. Position your products, services, ideas, or causes as relevant to your market
  6. Expand your audience and set up your brand online using social media

And I can confidently say that my knowledge of the concepts for writing sales-generating copy (headlines, lead paragraphs, body copy, and CTAs, among others) are above those of your typical Fiverr or Upwork copywriter.

But Hey! Maybe I’m Not the Right Copywriter for You…

If you’re looking to just save money, you can always write the copy for your campaigns yourself. But you increase the risks of your campaign failing – and then wasting even more money on marketing.

Or You can also hire a copywriter from Fiverr or Upwork and get exactly what you pay for – cheap copywriting and not a lot of accountability.

But if you are looking for a professional copywriter who can help you…

  • boost the response rates for your marketing and advertising campaigns
  • build long-lasting relationships with your customers
  • gain a competitive edge while doing less work and have fewer hassles
  • and earn a reputation within your industry, expand your portfolio, and advance your career…

… then you should schedule a FREE introductory meeting today and talk to me about your upcoming project.

And Here’s My Guarantee to You


The copy I write will stand for your brand accordingly. If you feel like my writing doesn’t meet the standards of your brand, then I will do (up to three) rewrites of your copy – based on your specific guidelines – at no extra charge!

We’ll work together until the copy comes out exactly the way you need it.

But Wait… I’m Not Done Yet

Maybe you need something more than copywriting to make your business succeed. That’s why I’m offering my expertise to direct marketers who are looking for guidance in marketing and business growth.

For $120, you get 50 minutes to pick my brain about anything that concerns you within the realms of your marketing. I like to call this service the Direct Marketing 101 Session – because many of my clients have taken this consulting session to get rid of their bad marketing habits and have gone back to basics. That has allowed them to reboot the brand and become more successful.

But perhaps you need more than a consulting session. You might need a complete overhaul of your marketing plan. If that’s the case, then my Step-by-Step Marketing Plan Session is for you.

For $250, we will work together to complete a marketing plan that fits your brand. We will cover everything – from redefining your marketing philosophy to picking the sharing triggers you should use to enhance your brand message.

Either way – you get guru-Esque knowledge at a tenth of the price!

You’ll come out a better marketer after one of my sessions. And you won’t break your wallet.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s What Clients and Peers Have Said About My Direct Response Copywriting and Strategy Development Skills

“Second VFX recruiter that reaches out to me in two days! Thanks Juancho for the pointers!!!!”

– Robert Alomar, Freelance VFX and Color Specialist


“You couldn’t meet a better dude. +Juan Israel Ortiz ‘s a digital media content specialist (that means he’ll help you rock your content across the digital landscape) and he rocks at what he does.”

– Tania Dakka, Copywriter at Badass’d Digital Ink


Thanks for those words bro! From now on to put power! 👍 See if a collab comes out at some point.

– Jose Figueroa, owner of Black Sun Accessories


Good work on your letter, Juan! You’re getting the structure of a sales letter down. Your writing style is pleasant to read and conversational. You’re incorporating some benefits into your letter, which helps make it more compelling to the reader.

– Li Vasquez-Noone, Copywriter at Kismet Copywriting


Overall I like your writing style. And I think you have a strong sense of the structure you’re using.

– Heather Robson, Copywriter and Consultant at Dragonfly Media

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First, click the button below to schedule a 30-minute FREE Introductory phone call. Once I get your request, I will send you a notification email with the details for our call.

During the call we will figure out which of my services best fits your budget. From there, we’ll get to the legal documentation to make our agreement binding.

After we have agreed to a price and conditions for the project, I will request some information about your offer. Including literature that will give me the background information I need to write your copy. I will also request contact information of members of your staff that work directly with the project for interviews. I might talk to your sales team, management, and operations group.

Once I have all the information I need, I’ll write the project for you. You will receive your copy on the deadline date or before then.

And remember that I guarantee it will stand for your brand properly.

So … why not try my services for your next print or online marketing campaign? I promise to delight you with the results.

Best Regards,

Juan Israel Ortiz
Direct Response Copywriter #109872

One Final Note…

Businesses today are in a 24/7 tug of war looking to attract customers to their offers. Schedule that meeting now, so I can help your offers break through the advertising clutter and shine above the competition as soon as possible.

I’ll make sure the copy you get stands for your brand accordingly – or I’ll rewrite it to your specifications… at my expense!

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