Boost Your Response Rates and Build Long-Lasting Relationships with Your Customers

With My Attention-Grabbing and Persuasive Direct Response Copywriting Services


As a direct marketer – whether you are a solopreneur or a marketing director for a large corporation – you face one major challenge…

How to stay relevant in the mind of your would-be and current customer.

The most effective way to keep reminding your marketplace of your existence is with customer-centric marketing and advertising. And the element that makes your promotional campaigns more enticing than anything is your copywriting.

Many direct marketers get their copy written in one of three ways:

  1. writing it themselves,
  2. hiring an ad agency specialized in retail marketing, or
  3. bringing in a freelance direct response copywriter.

If you’ve ever worked with an agency copywriter who didn’t care about your bottom line, you’re extremely disappointed when you got their draft. And then you had to spend a lot of time – that you could’ve used on other aspects of your business – rewriting what you got. You paid to get attention-grabbing and persuasive sales copy. But instead, you got writing that resembled more of a comedy routine than a sales pitch.

If you or a member of your staff writes the copy, you can write proper and solid copy… in theory. Because, while your team knows and understands the product and the offer, you lack the knowledge needed to write copy that generates leads and sales. Therefore, you end up presenting marketing and advertising campaigns that are correct – but fail in converting prospects to customers.  

So, what’s the solution to this problem? To bring in a professional copywriter who fully understands how to produce attention-grabbing marketing and persuasive advertising that sends a clear brand message to your prospects.

Now, at the risk of sounding ostentatious, I can honestly say that I fit that bill.

I’m a direct response copywriter verified by the American Writers and Artists Institute – meaning that I fully understand the concepts of writing persuasive sales copy, like:

  • producing attention-grabbing headlines.
  • writing interesting lead paragraphs for sales letters, emails, and landing pages.
  • using my knowledge of your product to generate desire from the market.
  • getting your prospects to order the product, ask for more information, or donate to a charity.

But you can learn more about me on the Bio page of this website. Let’s focus on what you get when you hire my direct response copywriting services.

Selling Any Product or Service You Have – from Shampoo to Technical Software

My first responsibility is to become an effective salesperson for your company. This means that my only goal is to guide people into acting the way you need them to for the sales process to move forward.

That’s because advertising is salesmanship. And copywriters are salespeople behind keyboards.

 An ad that doesn’t get a prospect closer to buying an offer is not worth the money you spend on it… something that ad agencies will debate to the death because they are not in the business of making money for you – they’re in the business of winning flashy awards and make money for them.

My direct response copywriting services have your best interest in mind because your bottom line affects my bottom line. You’ll get sales and marketing copy that clearly shows how your offers help your prospects – positioning your products and services as practical solutions for the market.

I cannot guarantee you specific results in terms of lead and sales conversions. But I can promise you that I will direct my efforts towards delivering a sound marketing message that stands for your brand and persuades your audience into taking immediate action.

More on that later.

Talking Directly to Your Prospects and Customers

Marketing and advertising are about one thing and one thing only: your target market. And thus, your marketing efforts should focus on learning from and communicating to your prospects. Yet, this is where many attempts at marketing and advertising fail.

Depending on the philosophy employed by the copywriter and marketing director, often clients get marketing campaigns that either…

a) turn into a comedic monologue that has nothing to do with the prospect or the offer, or

b) focus on the offer so much that their advertising turns into gloating sessions that do nothing for the audience.

Both are recipes for disaster.

Instead, my direct response copywriting services look to turn sales pitches into conversations with your market. I look to emphasize promises and benefits over the features of your offers as well as address the questions and objections that your market has about your offer. So that the sales process moves as smoothly as possible.  

Your copywriter should focus on presenting marketing and advertising that cares more about helping the prospects solve a specific problem. And that’s what I’ll do when you hire me.

Using Your Digital Channels to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Landing Pages

If you’re using PPC campaigns, email funnel series, or VSLs online, they should be serving one purpose – driving prospects to a specific web page.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your homepage, a landing page, a microsite, or a product page. If your digital marketing tools take the prospect to the next stage of the sales funnel, they’re doing their job.

But if people are looking at your ads and emails, getting a giggle out of them, and then moving forward – unless that’s what you want – then there’s a problem that you must address.

Your display ads should be taking your prospects to promotional pages and specific discount offers. Your emails should focus on reaching out and growing sales. And your autoresponders must deepen customer relationships or drive follow-up purchases.

As your direct response copywriter, it will be my responsibility that your digital marketing campaigns break through the internet clutter and send qualified prospects to specific landing and sales pages.

My copy will make your online marketing pieces work like a well-oiled sales machine… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Improving Your Positioning on Search Engines

People use search engines (like Google) for everything they want to know. Whether they’re looking for an answer, a process, or a service – people rely on search engines more than ever.

Therefore, your website must rank high in sites like Google and Bing. But your copy should do a lot more than that. Your website should supply an overall great site experience that generates conversions. Your content should be informational, conversational, and persuasive. Which is what my direct response copywriting services offer.

I combine the principles of excellent copywriting with the use of specific keywords to produce web content that positions your brand as a practical choice while helping climb up the search engine ranks.

You can bring me in to write sales copy for your main web pages (Home, About, Services, etc.), landing and online sales pages, FAQ pages, and more.

Promoting Your Company, Ideas, and Causes

“Do you include content writing in your direct response copywriting services?” “Yes, I do.”

Unlike some direct response copywriters, I believe there is room for content in the marketing budget. But that content, much like every piece of copy you send out, must serve a purpose.

Whether it’s a press release that promotes a new company initiative, a case study showing the company’s competence, or a special report bringing up an industry issue – your content must inform, inspire, and encourage the market into acting in a certain way.

Writing content for the sake of it doesn’t do anything other than waste valuable resources. And drafting articles to pat yourself in the back makes the audience go anywhere from “meh” to “I don’t want to deal with these people anymore.”

My direct response copywriting services can help you build long-lasting relationships with your target audience by presenting them valuable information that centers around their wants, needs, and beliefs.

Oh, and guides them to take a specific course of action.

Establishing Your Brand and Expanding Your Audience

If you’re not taking advantage of social platforms to reach as many people as you can and letting them know what you do, you’re missing an extraordinary opportunity.

Social media has narrowed the communication gap between brands and customers. People can (at least try to) connect with their favorite brands and their representatives by doing what was almost impossible a couple of decades ago… messaging them directly.

And you, as a brand, have the same opportunity to address your entire community. You can publish blog posts and podcasts to let people in on valuable information. You can connect at any time through video presentations and live chats. And your photos can take your audience behind the scenes into what you are doing. Not to mention that platforms like Facebook and YouTube allow you to promote your offers, and LinkedIn allows you to conduct business negotiations and transactions from anywhere.

But once again – if you produce uninspiring social media content, you’re not going to conduct the goals you’ve set out for your social campaigns.

Whether it’s a short YouTube video, a blog post, or a social ad campaign… I want to help you present content that engages people, generates desire for your offers and guides them into action.

That’s what you’ll get when you hire my direct response copywriting services – copy that focuses on grabbing the attention of your market, giving them a clear brand message, and persuading them into taking immediate action.

And Here’s My Guarantee to You…

I will never guarantee specific sales results to my clients. That’d be unethical and an attempt at scamming – which is not what I do.

 I can, however, guarantee your complete satisfaction with the copy you receive.

By that, I mean that I’ll make sure my direct response copywriting stands for your brand accordingly upon delivery. Or I will rewrite it until it does – and at my expense.

Start Generating More Qualified Leads and Sales Orders with My Direct Response Copywriting Services

If you need help writing direct response copy that gets you more clicks, lead conversions, and sales, take a moment to fill out my copywriting order form and we’ll set up an introductory meeting to discuss your marketing challenges and how I can help you overcome them.

Until we meet again,

Juan Israel Ortiz
Direct Response Copywriter

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