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Hiring A Direct Response Copywriter Can Help You Gain A Competitive Edge, Improve Profitability, And Make Your Job Easier

If you…

… believe in talking directly to the customer and focusing on specific calls to action…

… produce a lot of marketing to sell your products or services…

… and don’t have the time to write copy for your marketing campaigns…

Then you need someone who…

… can help your company generate as many sales, if not more than it is now…

… can write persuasively without giving the “sales vibe” …

… and can help you save money with their services….

From the Desk of: Juan Israel Ortiz
August 25, 2019

Fellow Direct Marketer:

Are you having a tough time finding a good copywriter? Have you been disappointed with the results you’ve gotten by hiring freelancers from sites like Fiverr? Do you want a copywriter who uses the direct response philosophy of communication?

If you need a direct response copywriter, please allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Juan Israel Ortiz and I am an AWAI-verified professional copywriter.

Since 2009, I have spent most of my time taking in the concepts of writing sales-generating copy. Such as the proven principles of effective headlines, leads, full sales letters, and emails.

I’ve been learning about how to instantly grab attention, connect with prospects, and drive ACTION — whether it’s to order a product, request more information, or donate to a charity. And how expert copywriting can make a massive difference in marketing success.

And most recently, I finished my Digital Marketing Specialization from the University of Illinois, my International Marketing and Cross-Industry Growth Specialization from Yonsei University, and my Social Media Marketing Specialization from Northwestern University.

But most important to you, I’m a direct response marketing specialist. Thus, developing and writing copy isn’t something I do in my leisure. It’s my bread and butter.

Reduce Risks and Increase Marketing Productivity

When you hire me as a direct response copywriter, you can…

  • Use professional, compelling copy for all your products and services
  • Improve your results with a fresh look at different marketing approaches
  • Position your product or service as a practical solution
  • Concisely and clearly describe how your product or service helps the prospect
  • Create strong, “real world” credibility for your product or service
  • Supply incredibly useful information that your prospects and consumers will love
  • Reach out and grow sales with special promotions
  • Consistently generate traffic to your website
  • Present problem-solution-outcome stories featuring your product or service
  • Maintain customer loyalty
  • Standout with clever concepts
  • Give sales reps excellent product detailers to use with prospects
  • Get useful feedback from your customers and build long-lasting relationships
  • Strengthen the results of your advertising efforts – in print and online
  • Boost search rankings by finding gaps and opportunities in your campaigns
  • Break through the search clutter and drive traffic to a specific landing page or microsite
  • Get attention from the media and bring in more web visitors
  • Set the stage for a great website experience that prompts conversions
  • Reduce abandon rates due to confusion or too many steps
  • Attract likes, shares, and conversions through social media

My unique, proven combination of direct response copywriting will help you gain a competitive edge, improve your company’s profitability, and earn you a good reputation within your industry.

What People Have Said About My Services…

Overall I like your writing style. And I think you have a strong sense of the structure you’re using.

Heather Robson, Copywriter and Consultant at Dragonfly Media

Second VFX recruiter that reaches out to me in two days! Thanks Juancho for the pointers!!!!

Robert Alomar, Freelance VFX and Color Specialist

You couldn’t meet a better dude. +Juan Israel Ortiz ‘s a digital media content specialist (that means he’ll help you rock your content across the digital landscape), and he rocks at what he does.

Tania Dakka, Copywriter at Badass’d Digital Ink

Good work on your letter, Juan! You’re getting the structure of a sales letter down. Your writing style is pleasant to read and conversational. You’re incorporating some benefits into your letter, which helps make it more compelling to the reader.

Li Vasquez-Noone, Copywriter at Kismet Copywriting

What You Can Expect…

For every assignment, I bring in my experience of over 15 years in promoting products and services using excellent reasoning abilities. I also can work effectively under stress, either as a team member or working on my own. And I don’t mind frequent traveling – if it’s what it takes to finish the job.

What sets me apart from other writers is my ROI-oriented mindset. My only job is to generate leads and sales. I don’t write copy for any other reasons. My only concern is your bottom line.

Combine my experience and business mindset with my interviewing skills and my knowledge of marketing and advertising, and you have a unique copywriter at your service.

I can’t predict how many responses a direct mail, advertising, or website package will pull for you. But I can (and will) guarantee your satisfaction with the copy you receive.

Hire Me as Your Copywriter Today

Putting me to work for you is easy.

First, fill out the order form I have set up in my contact page. Once I get your order, I will contact you to set up an introductory phone call (FREE of charge). There we can go more in detail about the project.

When we have agreed to the price and conditions for the assignment, I will request some information about your offer. Including literature that will give me the background information I need to write your copy.

I will also request the contact information of members of your staff for interviews. I might talk to your sales team, marketing team, and operations group.

Once I have all the information I need, I’ll write the assignment for you. You will receive your copy on the deadline date or before then.

And remember my guarantee: my work will please you or I will rewrite to your specifications.

So … why not try my services for your next print or online marketing campaign? I promise to delight you with the results.

Best Regards,

Juan Israel Ortiz
Direct Response Copywriter

PS: Not producing effective copy for your marketing campaigns can affect your business in so many ways you may not be aware of. From damaging your brand to drops in sales – you can cause these issues (and more) by presenting bad marketing to your audience. Juan Israel Ortiz helps in keeping your brand message clear and concise… increasing your chances of boosting response rates and building long-lasting relationships with your market.